Western New England Chapter

Constitution Article I - NAME

The name of this Association shall be
the Western New England chapter of
the Eastern Association of
Intercollegiate Football Officials (EAIFO).
Wne Chapter Committees 2013.
Tim Schmitt, Director
Chapter By-Laws (pdf)
Chapter Officers
Chapter Meetings Schedule
Chapter Roster - Link to www.zebraweb.org (New)
(Zebra Secretary Console > Reports > Rosters)
Todd Boyd, Director
Chapter Study Groups Meeting Schedule 2012
Study Groups Exams Spring & Fall
Study Groups Exams Answer Sheet
Chapter News (pdf)
Bill Mara, Secretary
Chapter Membership Applicantion
Chapter Application Forms
Applicants Exam Answer Sheet
Eaifo2 - Western New England Chapter
Wne Chapter Banquet - November 15, 2011
The Mark Karbowski 12th Player Award 2011
Wne Chapter Banquet Photos 11/19/2011
Tribute to John D. Codey 1942-2012 (obit)
zebraweb.org Sec Rpt Roster Dis
ZebraWeb.org Secretary Console Reports
06/26/2012 - Blocking Below the Waist
07/10/2012 - Crew Communication
08/07/2012 - Passing Game
08/20/2012 - Free & Scrimmage Kicks
09/18/2012 - Running Game
09/04/2012 - Goal Line
10/02/2012 - Penalty Enforcement
10/16/2012 - Business Meeting
11/13/2012 - Dinner Meeting
08/04/2012 - ECAC Div III Clinic - Syracuse, NY
06/26/2012 - Right Now
10/02/2012 - Extra Periods
Codey-Guinan Article 1983 (pdf)
John Codey Photos January 28, 2007
John Codey looks back at his career (pdf)
Wne Chapter Banquet Photos 11/13/2012
Zw Wne Committees All (pdf)
Zw Wne Mtg Attendance Dues (pdf)
Zw Wne Mtg Attendance Dues Detail Chapter (pdf)
Zw Wne Mtg Dates (pdf)
Zw Wne Mtg Attendance Dues Detail (pdf)
Zw Wne Dues Owed (pdf)
Zw Wne Avery 5160 Labels (pdf)
Zw Wne Mtg Sign In Sheet (pdf)
Zw Wne My Attendance Dues (pdf)
Zw Wne Roster (pdf)
Zw Wne Roster Select Dob (pdf)
Zw Wne Roster Select Email (pdf)
Zw Wne Roster Select From To (xlsx)
Zw Wne Roster Select Updated By Date (pdf)
Zw Wne Roster With Photos (pdf)
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Zw Wne Users Not Logged In (pdf)
Zw Wne Roster Form (pdf)
Zw Welcome Page (pdf)
Chapter Meetings Schedule
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